Which bike for the Dukes Weekender?

You might have read our description of a Gravel Enduro and thought what’s the best bike for the job. With the event fast approaching we've been getting loads of questions about what should and could be ridden.

Thr Rondo Ruut, a specialist "Gravel" Bike.

Thr Rondo Ruut, a specialist "Gravel" Bike.


We designed the Dukes Weekender course not to favour one type of bike over another. Any bike with decent off-road tyres and brakes will be perfectly capable of getting around the course. Most of you might even have a suitable “Gravel” bike in the garage without realising it. Mountain Bikes and Cyclocross bikes are very well suited and many hybrid and commuting bikes would be great if the tyres have a bit of off-road bite (With the full weekend including a road hill climb stage, we will allow you to change your tyres if you insist!).


So what's going to be fastest?

The short answer is we're not quite sure.  A cyclo-cross bike will offer light weight, fast rolling and an aerodynamic advantage over a mountain bike on certain parts of the course. Having said that, the comfort and smoothing out of the trail by fatter MTB tyres and suspension will certainly help on occasions and you could well benefit from the improved handling of a MTB elsewhere too... Of course you may even be the owner of one of a new breed of Gravel Bikes which combine elements of Cross and MTB. They are not essential for the Dukes Weekender, but they are great.


We designed the course specifically so no one bike will have a distinct speed or fun advantage. The Dukes Weekender will be a cycling challenge on mixed terrain and great experience for all, regardless of bike. Sure, there will be a winner and podiums for the fastest overall riders, but we wouldn’t want to bet on what they are going to be riding!

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Robert Friel