Dukes Pass Hillclimb Statistics

Over the past few weeks we've had a few enquiries about the details and challenge of the hillclimb... So we thought we'd give you the lowdown on this beautiful climb that we're turning into a must-do event! (ok and maybe put a few minds at rest... It's not too scary! :))

Dukes Pass is the breathtaking hill pass on the A821 between Aberfoyle and Brig O'Turk in the 'glen' of the Trossachs. The section of this beautiful road we will be using for the timed hillclimb is the section that climbs out of Aberfoyle up to a plateau towards the summit....Here are the statistics:

  • Distance you'll ride - Approximately 2km
  • Elevation gain - Approximately 142m
  • Average incline - 7% 

The road climb winds it's way up around some lovely hairpin turns and gives you some amazing views.  While undoubtedly there will be a few racing snakes setting some impressive times our aim for the event is to create a fun, festival vibe with plenty of avid supporters to cheer you on in a unique experience!

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